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AVON Shine Burst Lipsticks in Calypso and Strawberry Blush

avon shine burst lipsticks

AVON lipsticks and I haven’t been getting along for quite some time. From complete misrepresentation of colour in the catalogues to hellishly drying formulas, it just wasn’t working out. But on the greater interwebs I read a complimentary review on their new Shine Burst lipstick line. I trusted this blogger and decided to risk it. One of the things that I found most attractive, funnily enough, was sheer coverage. I’m a serious fan of full-coverage matte liquid lipsticks, but even I want to take a break from them and use something light.

So. What have I got to say about them?

Calypso is a cold pink that, to my eye, has got just a touch of lilac in it.

Strawberry Blush has got quite an apt name. The colour is indeed reminiscent of a light strawberry blush. Both colours have shimmer in it, but it’s much more apparent in Strawberry Blush.

As I understand, the entire Shine Burst line (also called Gloss Sticks) is separated into 4 colour categories, which is reflected in its packaging. All the bullets are chrome metallic; they come in pink, red, copper, and purple, respectively. The two colours I own come from pink and red categories.

Although my disposition towards them was quite sceptical, I fell in love with Calypso from the get go. A sheer coverage, no visible shimmer. The colour looks great with my favourite lip pencil as a base, but on its own it, too, is amazing. A great every day colour that is also good for evening time. Upon a closer look, you can see just the tiniest amount of shimmer in the tube, but it is unreadable on the lips.

Strawberry Blush gives a ‘thoroughly kissed’ effect on me. I love this effect very much, and if it weren’t for shimmer, it could be that I would’ve loved Strawberry Blush even more than I love Calypso. Unfortunately shimmer, besides everything else, also affects the texture of the lipstick. Compared to Calypso, which feels like a really luxurious balm, Strawberry Blush is a bit… chalky. That description is offputting, but don’t let that stop you – both of these lipsticks do not feel drying. They are a pleasure to wear, especially during winter.

I’ve only got two negative things to say about AVON Shine Burst lipsticks. One is the amount of product – 1.8 g only. I’ve already used up about 1/3 of both Calypso and Strawberry Blush, though I can’t say that I’ve been using it more often than my other current favourites.

Another point is they tend to bleed outside of the lip line during summer. The formula is rather creamy and sheer. They are not long-lasting in the slightest, so during the hotter days make sure you use a clear or nude lip pencil with AVON Shine Burst lipsticks.

However I did like both of these AVON Shine Burst lipsticks quite a lot. When I run out of either of these, I will definitely repurchase it. Some other colours in the line have also sparked my interest (Peach Punch, Iced Mocha…) but since I’m saving money this year, I don’t quite know when I will get my hands on them.

calypso and strawberry

What’s your take on AVON lipsticks?

Oriflame Pure Colour Lipsticks

oriflame pure colour lipstick tubes

The lipsticks come in cheap packaging – a black bullet with a transparent cap. The upside of that is you can see the colours pretty easily. The downside is, it’s quite fragile and doesn’t look the least bit impressive. Strangely, I don’t mind the look of it, but over the time the cap weakens and tends to come loose.

The scent is, I figure, generic lipstick scent. It’s not particularly offensive, but nothing to be pleased with either.

The formula of the product is medium to light coverage creme with sheen. The lightest lipsticks in the range appear on the lips more like tinted balms than anything else. Nearly all of these have some fine shimmer in them.

oriflame pure colour lipstick swatches

Swatched, one swipe, left to right: Bright Red (26271), Soft Coral (26269), and Radiant Red (21153). It applies even on the hand, but streakier on the lips.

Although Pure Colour Oriflame lipsticks are moderately creamy, they are very drying on the lips. The application tends to be streaky, the colour clings to dry patches on the lips.

The staying power of these lipsticks is weak. They wear relatively well if you don’t eat or drink anything, but they don’t wear off prettily.

They do not feather, however, and if your lips are hydrated, then the staining is minimal. (To each their own, but I dislike it when the colour stains.)

oriflame pure colour

This line of Oriflame lipsticks comes in a rather wide colour range – or should I say, tone range. The ones I have are, left to right: Bright Red (26271), Soft Coral (26269), and Radiant Red (21153).

Pure Colour lipsticks are the least expensive lipsticks in the Oriflame make-up range. When on offer in my country, they retail for as little as $1.5 US.

I would recommend this range if you are experimenting with colours. Oriflame Pure Colour lipsticks are very affordable, and even if you find the shade unsuitable, it would not break the bank.

oriflame pure colour bright red soft coral radiant red

Since taking these pictures I have passed on the reds, and only kept the Soft Coral (26269).

(I am an Oriflame consultant in my country. Products bought with my own money.)