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Two zero one seven.

(This post has a Russian version.)

I’ve wanted to share a resolutions post – I love writing those and reading those – and I wrote mine, but upon rereading, it sounded like a goal list. A plan. Nothing wrong with that, but one of my resolutions is to keep mum on the majority of my plans until I see at least some fruition.

So here, instead, is a list of vague inclinations. Things I want to let into my life, keep in my life, remove from my life. I try not to use the word ‘more’ when setting goals – goals need to be specific and time-sensitive – but since these ain’t goals, just mere suggestions, you’ll see quite a lot of the ‘more’ in there.


take purposeless walks to clear my head // take purposeful photo walks // eat outside // drink tea // read books // sing when I feel like it // paint my nails often // try a new make-up brand // bake // listen // go on lunch dates // go out for breakfast // move // learn // avoid stagnation // properly set a table for at least five meals a week // invite people over // be proud of the flat i live in // heavily update my wardrobe // curb impulse purchases // watch my posture // rekindle my love for entertaining // sign up for a pole dancing class // show my library some lovin’ // spend more purposeful time with cats // be present // stop being lazy // stop half-arsing things // do more // talk less // listen more // listen better // be more // be better // buy less inexpensive perfume // learn some new hairstyles // watch 30 movies // attend a group exercise class or two // wear red // wear dresses // wear heels // post several ‘a day in the life’ posts // blog more // tweet more // facebook (even) less // stop apologising for my existence // stop self-sabotage // go on a picnic with my cousin // have coffee dates in parks with friends // invite people over to watch a movie in my living room // make popcorn // meal prep // laugh more // kiss more // hug more // smile more // give (even) less fucks // love more // keep a happiness jar // be content // keep cosy // light candles // get up // dress up // show up // never give up // always have fresh flowers in the kitchen // unfuck my habitat // keep it simple // stop confusing honesty with arseholeism // ditto for sarcasm and snark // marble // rose gold // grey // white // black // red // rust brown // more sushi // more running // less running around in circles // less complaining // less comparing // fresh air

What’s on your 2017 list?

In 2016, I Resolve to…


My resolution for the past couple of years was not to have any. This year I decided to change that.

1. Leave voicemails

I read an article some time ago, about readers being the best people to fall in love with. (Aw.) Here’s a quote:

Readers, like voicemail leavers and card writers, are now a dying breed, their numbers decreasing with every GIF list and online tabloid.

The moment I read it, I realised how true it was. It made me a bit sad. I resolved to leave a voicemail every time I’m taken to one, even though the practise sounds terrifying. I’m bad with phones, and voicemail is even worse, because your mumbling will be recorded. Preserved for eternity.

Anyway, I’ve already started this one, so I hope to continue.

2. Sort Photoalbums

Doubtful I’d be printing out many photos – if any at all – but I want to organise the photos I already have into neat albums. There’s plenty. Some of them are rather recent, others are decades old. Either way, I want them all to be in one place, easy to look through.

3. Remember Simple Enjoyments

I want to go back to roots, so to say, in terms of things that bring me pleasure. I’ve never been a complicated person in that department anyway. In 2015 I barely did things that I enjoy doing, like watching movies, blogging, reading, playing with makeup, and taking photos. I need to find time for that in 2016.