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Fit Friday: Back on Track

cottage cheese berry honey bowl

With my mood slipping pre-holidays and my brother visiting (yay, dining out), I’ve slipped out of my wellness routine considerably over the last couple of weeks. Since Sunday I’ve been largely back on track, save for one beer and some ice-cream.

… OK, and Nutella.

I’m currently in the process of switching to a new schedule, so I’ve been keeping things simple, exercise and diet-wise. Food-wise, it’s been lots of fresh fruit and steamed veg, some complex carbs and as much lean protein as I can get my hands on. For exercising, I’ve been sticking to my 20 minutes a day, every day – though I admit that sometimes I substitute the 20 minutes of regular exercise with an intense 7-minute HIIT session.

Some tips if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon with your wellness routine:

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. Never helped anybody. No shame, no blame: accept and move on.
  2. If you’ve been out of your exercise regimen for a while, don’t go at it full-speed. Start at a slightly lower level than you’ve been at when you stopped.
  3. Don’t avoid the scale. It’s just a number and it helps you keep track.
  4. Diet-wise, there are two methods: the ease-in and the cold turkey. Personally, I prefer the latter. The best way for me to get back to healthy eating is with a detox day or with a short but restrictive diet. If you’re more of a first type, then start slow – eliminate the worst (cookies for breakfast, sodas…), and slowly replace everything with clean foods.

Plans for July:

  • figure out a healthy filling breakfast  recipe for work days;
  • start running again.

Fit Friday: Enjoying the Process.

fit friday enjoying the process

I try, and mostly succeed at, not writing about things that I either know little about, or know a lot about, but never practise. Practise what you preach is one of the greatest guidelines to life.

That’s the main reason I haven’t been writing any fitness and wellness posts on this blog. For the longest while I’ve been the greatest theorist on the subject. Ask me a question – I would more than likely know the answer. But when it came to putting it all to practice and having results to prove the theories, I failed.

Right now I’m still at a starting point with my fitness routine. My brother and my sporty friend laugh at me and troll me here and there, but it’s all good, since it only works as additional motivation. I’ve come a long way, but I’ve a longer way to go. What’s important, though, is that these days I’m enjoying the process.

It’s still daunting. I still want quick and permanent results with minimum effort. I still get angry with myself when I can’t do a proper push-up or run more than one block at a time. I still consider chocolate chip cookies the greatest work-out reward known to man.

But I’m seeing progress, and I’m enjoying it these days.

And enjoyment of something leads to a psychological shift and better choices.

Like not rewarding yourself with chocolate chip cookies or not trying to outrun myself if I feel that my ankle is getting all weird.