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Chistaya Liniya: Recent Hits and Misses

For those who don’t know, Chistaya Liniya (Чистая Линия, translates as Clean Line) is a very affordable skincare and hair care line from Russia. As with any brands of its caliber, some of the products are outstanding, others atrocious, and many are nothing to write home about. Today, let’s take a look at a couple of products from my empties box.


First up are two hair conditioners: Chistaya Liniya Phytotherapy Phytobalm-Elixir Impulse of Youth 25+ with Chicory and Chistaya Liniya Phytotherapy Smart Balm #1 Strength and Freshness for Greasy Hair and Scalp with Buckwheat.

Them brands really need to tone it down with their names.

The hair conditioner with chicory is a newer line. I really liked its scent. The effect on my hair wasn’t anything extraordinary, but it did its job just fine. The packaging is OK. My only gripe was its top – I love using every last bit of the product, and it’s hard to keep a bottle balanced whilst upside down with a top like that.

The hair conditioner with buckwheat (the one in the white bottle) is not as sleek-looking. It also doesn’t smell as nice as the revamped line, but it performed better. Moisturising without weighing the hair down. I used it up fast, but for its price, I’m OK with that. The only reason I don’t buy it all the time is its scent. It’s not offensive, but it just doesn’t agree with me.


Chistaya Liniya Phytotherapy Foot Cream with Lavender

One of those products that you don’t quite know what to say about, but that did its job quite well. I loved using it before bed. Whether I’d put on socks or not, it would leave my feet very soft the next morning. This cream had a rather thin consistency and absorbed quickly, which is also good. I would probably buy it again – once I run out of the army of foot creams I’d bought in the interim.


Chistaya Liniya Phytotherapy Soft Scrub with Raspberry and Lingonberry

I came into the shop and asked for a lip scrub. This is what the saleslady recommended I buy. I bought it because it was cheap and I could use a scrub. I knew from the start I wouldn’t be able to use it for the purpose I bought it for – even though it’s marketed as a ‘soft’ scrub, it’s not soft enough for the gentle skin on the lips. I tried using it on my face, but unfortunately it broke me out like a mother. So this ended up as a body scrub. It was soft enough to use on the decolletage. Will I buy it again? Probably not.

Lip Product Empties

Let me quickly walk you through some lip products I have either finished or discarded recently.


Oriflame VeryMe Mirror Lip Gloss is a perfect cool-toned pink lip colour for me. I loved using this in combination with OFRA Cosmetics Laguna Beach, but also on its own. The scent of the product was lovely, and the application was relatively OK (it’s a squeeze tube). The formula was a bit sticky. It was fun while it lasted, but I had to let it go because it started separating and smelling funny.

A sample size of one of the Oriflame Pure Colour lipsticks. I’ve written a post about them here, if you fancy a read. This one had to go because I dropped it on the office floor. A grimy dirty dusty icky yucky office floor. *shudder shudder*

So Susan Lip Dome was a lovely crayon. Not fully opaque, but it gave my lips the nicest bordeaux tint. It also felt nice and wore very comfortably. Unfortunately, it went bad before I could use it more. I received it via a Lip Monthly subscription, and I figure it was old.

OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lip Colour in New Orleans also had to go – it was patchy and dry as all hell. And although I adored this colour, it made my lips look ridiculous, so I had to let it go.

You can read my post on OFRA Cosmetics lipsticks here.


Oriflame Beauty Lip Balm, although intended transparent, did give a bit of a pearlescent pale pink hue to the lips, so at times it made me look rather dead. It also didn’t moisturise my lips enough – matter of fact, sometimes the product felt drying. This is an old formula, and Oriflame updated it. I haven’t tried the new one.

Look DeVine Pinot Noir balm I loved. I received this one through Lip Monthly as well. It had a great scent and made my lips really moisturised, soft, and plump. I had to be careful with accidentally building up the colour with it, as a couple more strokes than necessary, and it would make me look a bit on the undead side.

AVON Bath Products – Speed Reviews


AVON Bubble Bath Moments in Milk & Honey and Bubble Bath in Watermelon

I will preface this note by saying that I have mostly used these AVON bath foams incorrectly. I used them as shower gels as I am not a big bath taker. I love baths, but mine has a bit of a drain problem, wherein the drain plug gets stuck when there’s just so much water omg omg putting pressure on it. So my relaxing baths usually end with a session of vigorous physical activity wherein I have to drain the wretched thing the old-fashioned way – using a bucket to transfer the water to another draining point until the bath drain plug finally decides to give way.

Obviously, that kills the spa effect a little.

As shower gels these are very drying. All the suds and the foam would do that, you know. So we can assume that as a bath product it doesn’t have any beneficial skin properties either. However they do give a good foam and they both have a strong scent. If that’s what you’re after – go for it.

Milk and Honey as a scent nearly always disappoints me, because I expect something from the childhood but end up with a rather strong artificial scent that smells neither like milk nor honey. And I believe this is more of the ‘milk’ part problem, because I have a ‘honey’-scented eau de toilette that I adore.

Watermelon, on the other hand, I love – but it tires me out very quickly with its intense sweetness. So I would use it once or twice, and then I would use something else for a week, and that’s why this bottle lasted me a friggen year.


AVON Senses Romantic Garden of Eden Shower Gel

I’ve been absolutely enamoured with the scent of this. It wouldn’t stick to the skin, however; but the bathroom would smell amazing for a while after using this AVON shower gel. Negative point: Very drying on the skin. I discussed this with my cousin and a former colleague, and they both said that they found it OK and not drying at all, so it could be just me and my thin sensitive skin on my body.


AVON Skin So Soft In-Shower Moisturising Body Lotion

I’ve been wanting to try out an in-shower body lotion for quite a while, so I happily bought this one the moment I saw it in the AVON catalogue. The scent is I would say typical to the AVON Skin So Soft line. It is nothing to write home about, but it’s inoffensive and in a way even comforting. The product itself is pretty thick and slippery. It applied well in the shower – however you do need a fair amount of this. The bottle did not last me ages, that I can tell you. After you apply it and then wash it off, it leaves a bit of a filmy layer on the skin, making your body shiny, almost plastic-like, and very smooth to the touch. I suppose if you don’t have sensitive skin on the body like I do, you can get away with using this one only and skipping the lotion entirely. I managed to do it several times here and there, but I would end up feeling uncomfortable throughout the day.

While I am not a full in-shower body conditioner convert just yet, I am intrigued enough to try other brands and see how they compare to this AVON In-Shower Moisturising Body Lotion. I would probably buy this one again, too. The only thing that stops me is the price/ number of uses ratio. You really do need a lot of this stuff to get any kind of effect, at least on my body, and although AVON is not expensive skin care, it adds up.