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Don’t Use My Family for Your True Crime Stories; an interesting (and true) perspective on true crime.

My friendhas recently gifted me Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division palette, and aside from other colours, it’s got quite a lot of orange going on there. I have never really used orange eyeshadow before, so I’m in search for inspiration. The photo below, found via ffioncrilly, is a good starting point.

Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog has recently lost her feline friend. My heart goes out to her. She wrote about her experience in this emotional and thoughtful post. It’s a very sad one, but a great read.

I’ve got a bunch of overripe bananas frozen, so will be making these pancakes some time soon.

This memoir sounds intriguing, and is on my ‘list of things to buy on Kindle next’, whenever that ‘next’ might be. Another one on my list is Educated.

One key habit of happiness found in 70+ years Harvard happiness research. I guess I’m fucked then, eh?

If I could just cook every single thing from Cooking on a Bootstrap! (Actually, that sounds like a tempting project. Hmm.) Three recipes on my mind lately: Cannelini Beurre Blanc, Carrot Cake Overnight Oats, Pearl Barley, Mushroom & Lentil Risotto.


It appears that I have lost my blog domain (not this one, the other one), and a couple of posts together with it, as I can’t login to the WP associated with that domain.

That will teach me not to rely on autopayments and set up reminders in my GCalendar.

But we shall not lament, and perhaps one day I will buy that domain back. For now, though, I’ll come back here and blog here with what I hope to be a renewed vigor.


P.S. I haven’t written a coherent post in so long, and therefore haven’t logged into WP in so long, I can’t quite deal with the new interface. Blocks? Settings? Wha..?

What I’ve Read – January-March 2018

How’s your bookish year going? Mine isn’t half bad. I’ve read a variety of genres, and a decent mix of ebooks and paper books. Shall we dig in?

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I started the year by finishing Galbraith’s Career of Evil. Good mystery, more backstory, awesome thriller points – the third in the Strike series comes highly recommended from me. Cuckoo’s Calling was rather twee, Silkworm was full of grotesque. Both enjoyable (especially Silkworm – I continue to be amazed by J.K. Rowling, it takes balls and talent to write that shit), but Career of Evil is the best one so far.

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